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Dr. Phillips Center 
Orlando FL 
June 20-24 (ages 10-18)


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Wharton Center East Lansing MI
July 18-22 Intensive 
July 25-29 Company
(audition only)
Children of Eden  
Disney's Descendants: The Musical


City Opera House
Traverse City MI 
August 15-19 (ages 9-19)



Unleash your potential!

We are a 501c(3) arts education organization that provides training and opportunities in music, dance, and acting through workshops led by professional theatre artists. 

Our goal is to be a catalyst for creativity and achievement for young artists to express themselves and build confidence through the performing arts. 

We bring the best so you can be your best

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About Us

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Our goal is to provide students a pathway to attain their highest potential!

Help us continue to bring quality arts programming back to schools, communities and students. 

“It’s inspiring to work along side professionals” 

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"Take It From The Top has been my most reliable source of theatre. I feel like I've learned more from TIFTT than any other workshop or masterclass I've ever done. Without it, I don't know where I'd be as an artist. Definitely not ready for college auditions next year or for the real world.”
            -Emma Garrett, East Lansing MI



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